After having been the mastermind of the Western rediscovery of multihulls and “the inventor of the Atlantic proa” and before becoming the “sherpa” of many French racers in the 80s, Dick Newick won the Ostar transatlantic race with Phil Weld and Moxie. The “sorcerer” of multihulls attempted for himself a visionary synthesis, a personal boat: PAT’S! This collapsible trimaran (storage, transport…) tries to reconcile all the qualities of the inimitable Newick trimarans (smoothness of movement, graceful silhouette, pleasure at the helm, high speed…) with great ease of maintenance and maneuvering. The low power split schooner rig (2x35m2) makes driving this beautiful fast cruiser very easy. Sail reduction by rolling around the masts is a brilliant application that makes mastering this multihull both efficient and simple! The quality of the lanes and the epoxy glass molded wood construction (by the builder himself and a team of professional “constant camber” tuners) does not require power for a result on the water that is absolutely astonishingly fluid and simple. Downwind the headsail opens in a double fold! a modern multihull adaptation of the famous twin staysails of yesteryear. This 1988 boat was restored in 2012 even if the original construction was splendid (daggerboard well, complete exterior painting, modernization of the interior fittings, change of inboard engine, total repair of the electricity…). Improved, made reliable and sold in perfect condition by an enlightened owner, PAT’S is today an exemplary testimony to Newick’s contribution to naval architecture, easy to use, this trimaran can be sailed solo or with two people, it is not a racing multihull, but it is capable of astonishing performance without soliciting the crew: It is perfectly at ease in the medium and easily rolls a wake between 10 and 15 knots of speed in the breeze! The recent powerful inboard engine and the rational mooring (recent electric windlass, anchor roller, smart chain storage) make her well suited to a forgotten form of cruising which favors the pleasure of sailing with the happy frugality of a Stradivarius interior. The interior volume of PAT’S makes it very habitable but reserves this happiness for a reduced crew! The program? yours! PAT’S knows how to do everything. Asymmetrical “half moon” floats are a light and economical approach to variable geometry, little wet surface in light weather, but the volume increases with downforce!

Prix : 70,000€
Size: 15,59cm x 8,53cm x 0,76cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 4500 kg



Modèle / Version NEWICK 50'
Chantier / Boatyard Newick Martha's vyneyard
Architecte / Architect Richard Newick
Année de construction / Launching year 1988
Matériaux / Material bois moulé époxy verre (process constant camber)
Pavillon / Flag Français
TVA Payée / Paid VAT oui/yes
Longueur / LOA 15,59 m
Largeur / Beam 8,53 m
Tirant d'eau / Draft 0,76/213 m
Poids / Weight 4500 kg
Surface au près / Winward sail surface 70
Système anti-dérive / Keel type Dérive centrale/centerboard
Motorisation / Engines Lombardini 40cv