AZULI IS AN ICONIC CATAMARAN OF THE PRODUCTION OF ERIK LEROUGE AND THE SOUBISE YARD. This pioneering multihull implements all of the architect’s cruising solutions. Well built by a shipyard that masters the polyester glass foam sandwich process, the chassis is elegant and ergonomic, the structure solid and light. The artistic and harmonious geometry offers a first-rate sport-comfort compromise. Fluid silhouette, lowered center of gravity, nacelle well clear of the water and narrow floats, here is the Soubise-Lerouge recipe for excellent performance at all speeds. The pivoting garlic mast is reliable, pleasant to use (no need for ball slides) and very efficient. Much less expensive than Freydis 46 whose DNA it shares, Azuli is an intelligent, fun and safe approach to multihull cruising. Comparison with certain current catamarans may suggest that the interior volume is small… but they do not have its nautical qualities! Azuli is fast, its passage through the water is flexible and the movements cushioned. In the breeze, it is capable of exceptional averages and the behavior deserves only praise. The interior volume is smaller than the Freydis… but for half the budget! (VISIBLE FRENCH BRITANNY NEAR QUIMPER)

Prix : 139,000€
Size: 11,40cm x 6,40cm (LxW)
Weight: 5000 kg



Modèle / Version AZULI 11,40
Chantier / Boatyard SOUBISE
Architecte / Architect ERIK LEROUGE
Pavillon / Flag Français
TVA Payée / Paid VAT oui/yes
Longueur / LOA 11,40 m
Largeur / Beam 6,40 m
Tirant d'eau / Draft 0,82 m
Poids / Weight 5000 kg
Surface au près / Winward sail surface 85
Système anti-dérive / Keel type ailerons naca
Motorisation / Engines HB MERCURY 4TPS 30CV ARBRE SUPER LONG (300H)