A copy in good condition of this Danish series known throughout the world. The term EXTREME is a little exaggerated because the behavior of this pretty folding trimaran remains completely reassuring for a crew or an enlightened solo sailor. This unit was equipped in 2022 with a new electric Pod (and still under warranty) as well as the dedicated battery and charger. The new owner who planned to transport the boat across the Atlantic in a tidal estuary wanted to remove this option and reinstall a new HB Honda 15hp (delivered with the boat). Personal events led him to put the boat up for sale again, which had sailed very little over the last 3 years (stored on land). No. 95. Water stays and standing rigging must be changed)

Prix : 80,000€
Size: 9,20cm x 7,80cm x 14,60cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1850 kg



Modèle / Version DRAGONFLY 920 Extreme
Chantier / Boatyard QUORNING BOATS
Architecte / Architect Borge et Jens Quorning
Année de construction / Launching year 2003
Matériaux / Material sandwich polyester
Pavillon / Flag Français
TVA Payée / Paid VAT oui/yes
Longueur / LOA 9,20 m
Largeur / Beam 8,75/3,20 m
Tirant d'eau / Draft 1,55/0,45 m
Poids / Weight 1850 kg
Surface au près / Winward sail surface 68
Système anti-dérive / Keel type dérive pivotante
Motorisation / Engines POD ÉLECTRIQUE/HONDA 15HP